Organizations founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia

Permanent Arbitration Institution under CCI of RA
(Court of Arbitration)

In accordance with the RA Law on "Chambers of Commerce and Industry" Arbitration Court under CCI of RA was established in order to settle economic disputes, which operates in compliance with RA Law on "Commercial Arbitration" RA international agreements, its Charter and other normative legal acts.
President of the Court: Mr. Artashes Kakoyan
Court Secretary: 
Address: 0010, Yerevan, 11 Khanjyan str.
Tel: (374 60) 48-49-12
Fax: (374 10) 58-78-71


"Armexpertiza" LLC
"Armexpertiza" LLC is the authorized body responsible for  issuing Certificaes of country of origin of goods based on the expertize.The process of certification is carried out on the basis of business organization's application and embraces the following two parts: expertise and  issue of the certificate of origin.

General Director: Mr. Georgy Nanyan
Address: 0026, Yerevan, 26 G.Njdeh str
Tel: (374 10) 44-34-36; 44-28-48 (101)
Fax: (374 10) 44-28-48 (102) 


"CCI Media" LLC
The company is engaged in publishing of books as well as monthly newspaper called "lratu" CCI of RA.The company designs and publishes booklets, invitation cards, brochures and other printed materials,CD and DVD materials with advertisement and video films as well.
Executive Director: Mr. Vrezh Sarukhanyan
Address: 0010, Yerevan, Khanjyan 11
Tel: (374 60) 48-49-10   
Fax: (374 10) 58-78-71

CCI "Info" LLC
Provides consulting services on legal issues, organizes seminars, submits applications, accusations, and petitions, develops and makes up agreements, other legal documents as well; protects interests of legal entities and physical persons in the court instances.The organization provides company opening and registering services.
Executive Director: 
Address: 0010, Yerevan, Khanjyan 11
Tel: (374 60)  48-49-12
Fax: (374 10) 58-78-71