“Construction and Interior 2017”

On May 19, the 10th international three-day exhibition  “Construction and Interior 2017” was presented in “YEREVAN EXPO” exhibition hall. During his speech, the Presidens of CCI of RA Martin Sargsyan mentioned, “Constructing is one of the most typical characteristics of our nation. During the time, the means and ways of constructing change, however the meaning is the same – to build durable and comfortable, not however forgetting about the design and beauty, national and international construction traditions and style. I am sure that this exhibition is another step towards developing the sector, in terms of taking the Armenian constructors out to the foreign markets, and involving foreign entrepreneurs.”

Nearly 120 representatives of Armenian and foreign organizations unite their achievements, learn from each other, and acquire new relations – thinking about improving with the time, and constructing in harmony with today’s human’s mind, day-to-day life, taste, and rapid rhythm of life.

The other speakers accepted the fact of this exhibition’s being a step towards collaboration and acquisition of new markets.

In his speech, Mr. Sargsyan expressed his gratitude towards Armenian entrepreneurs, who were able to continue their functioning during internationally challenging, war situations,

“As an organizer of the exhibition, CCI of RA is willing to support Armenian and foreign entrepreneurs, especially in implementing cooperative programs by staying loyal to its mission, which is to be next to the entrepreneur, assist, teach and present the best domestic production in the large business.”

The exhibition will end on May 21.