Happy Birthday

March 22 is the birthday of Board Member of RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Founder and President of “Barva” LLC, Ph.D. and Professor Aram Vardanyan.
Mr. Aram Vardanyan is one of the organizers and initiators of uniting entrepreneurs in the consolidation phase of economic relations in new independent Armenia, teaching them, presenting their common interests, representing Armenian entrepreneurs abroad and forming moral image of Armenian businessman. In 1996 Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia was established by his active efforts, which he leaded over 6 years and left lasting imprint in the history.
“Barva” innovation center, founded by him, is exceptional in its type in the entire region. “Zenith” hale suppression system, “Antifrost” defrosting system, “Barva Solar” photovoltaic electro station using sun energy, “Barva Rainstim” combined rain stimulation system and other inventions, as well as scientific developments have been processed and came into being here, many of which are applied abroad as well. 
Mr. Aram Vardanyan won RA CCI gold medal, “Mercury” award and other numerous awards, besides he is a member of the International Academy of Architecture.  
We warmly congratulate the well-known businessman, active and decent citizen, earned scientist, caring father and beloved husband for whom life is not only a gift from God but also a responsibility towards the people and the motherland.