European Training Foundation – RA CCI

On December 8 RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the working group of European Training Foundation.
Executive Director of RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Andranik Aleksanyan emphasizing their visit privatized that the Chamber needs the experience and partnership of European Training Foundation in strengthening employer-education relation. “Knowledge has no limits and naturally endless opportunities are available in terms of cooperation. It is necessary to prepare concrete specialists for life in diversified sectors”, - emphasized Mr. Aleksanyan.
Head of International Relations Department of RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Vladimir Amiryan informed that just one day before an important document has been already signed with GIZ which clarifies the work in the upcoming 6 months.
Senior Human Capital Development Specialist of European Training Foundation Mr. Vincent McBride expressed satisfaction and highly appreciated the willingness of the Chamber and the activities already performed. He noted that international experience shows that the start time should not be rushed otherwise the difficulties will be multiplied. He touched upon the European experience where young people are especially keen to develop the entrepreneurship skills.