Mr. Martin Sargsyan’s, President of CCI of RA, congratulatory speech on the occasion of New Year and Christmas

Dear Compatriots,  another year has passed from our life... The most decent time will appreciate all of what we have done, will tell us about our omissions in order to complete and correct the 2017 cases. But the essential is our will and determination, because there are more things to do, we will work in new economic relations, especially when the challenges of the century have increased.

Dear businessmen, today you are the creator of our country's jobs, due to which migration will decrease. The CCI of RA is next to all of you and only with our investments we can develop our country.

Dear Compatriots, I warmly congratulate all of you on New Year and Christmas, wish you new successes in work, happiness, peace and prosperity to our state.

Martin Sargsyan

President of CCI of RA