The 5th Congress of RA CCI

On May 27, the 5th congress of RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held.
The President of the RA CCI Mr. Martin Sargsyan delivered the reports “on the activities of the Chamber in the years of 2011-2016 and also plans and directions for the years of 2016-2021”. The delegates highly appreciated the work done by the President and the Chamber.
The Executive Director of the Chamber Mr. Andranik Aleksanyan delivered the financial report of the RA CCI.
During the Congress of RA CCI, Mr. Martin Sargsyan was re-elected unanimously as a President. Following the decision of the presidium of the RA CCI, Mr. Andranik Aleksanyan was appointed as the Executive Director of the Chamber.
As a result of elections the Presidium members of the RA CCI were also appointed.