Education and training

Vocational education and training system is an important component of a free market economy. Therefore, economic developments should be fully reflected in vocational education. Based on the fact that the main driving force of the economy is the business world, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA has identified participation in the establishment of the professional education and training system as one of the primary directions of its activity.

Today, in the Republic of Armenia, it is necessary to develop the circulation of knowledge between professional education and business, which will become a prerequisite for raising the quality of professional education and creating favorable conditions for the development of business, on the other hand, for the formation of the workforce. Knowledge circulation can also deliver distinct advantages to businesses through the introduction of innovation initiatives. This principle is viable if education and business work together, as the world's best practice shows. The business environment formed in the country generally has a positive trend. As in the whole world, in Armenia too, they realize that the private sector is an important pledge in maintaining the already stable economy of the country and contributing to its continuous growth, creating new jobs, encouraging self-employment, the prosperity of rural communities, and the development of innovation systems. Establishment and development of social partnership in the professional education system can solve many issues. Therefore, within the reforms of the secondary vocational education and training (VET) system implemented in recent years, wide opportunities were created for the involvement of businessmen/employers at the national, local and branch levels. In particular, in 2008 By the decision of the RA Prime Minister, a national VET Development Council was established with the involvement of representatives of social partners, employers/businessmen were represented by sectors in the management councils of colleges and in the work of developing state educational standards of 24 professions, sectoral commissions were created. Then, in 2009 "The concept of social partnership in the field of pre-vocational (vocational) and secondary vocational education of the Republic of Armenia" was approved by the protocol decision of the RA government, which aims to contribute to the formation of a tripartite agreement and the institutionalization of social partnership.

Among the achievements of 2009, the memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of professional education signed between the RA Ministry of Education and Science, the RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia deserves special attention. In all the mentioned processes, the RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry has its serious participation both in the development of strategic initiatives and in the implementation of events. Finally, the basis of the participation of businessmen in vocational education is the improvement of the quality of education and training, the preparation of competitive personnel for the labor market, the employment of graduates and the solution of many related problems.