Business courtesy

The chamber of commerce andb Industry of  RA, being a structure supporting business and representing the interests of business, has adopted clear amnd transparent values, foloowing which  it is possible to contribute  to the sustainable development of business, ultimately  the economic growth of th country . 

Our values `

  • Honestly
  • Responsibilirty
  • Equality 
  • Hypercorrection 
  • Accountability 
  • Transparenty 

The participants of  the sistem of Chamers of commerce and industry, their member organizations, counclis, member of commissions, boreder representatives, organizations established by the Chamber and their employiss accept the same values and follow the above values. 

Staying true to the Chamer supports local companies in the fight against corruption in the particular,

  • Help SME entities to implement effective anti-corruption mechanisms
  • A  "Business Ethics and Anti- Corruption Guide for Enrerprises" and an accompayning "Model Anti - Corruption  Regulation for SMEs" were developed.
  • An anti - corruption Decleration is being, formed to which entrpreses operating in RA  can become  members. By signing and ratyfing the Decleration, enterprises express their intoleranse towards any manifestation of corruption.The Chamber, as a business support structure, encourages all entities operating in RA to adopt anti-corruption compilanse regulations and follow the values adopted by the Chamber.